We are the Surgeon for the Personal Computer.pc修理
Repair costs are reasonable in comparison with the Maker’s Repair Service or the Repair Specialty Service Shop without affecting the type (Desktop or Laptop) of the PCs.
Please contact us before the trouble become worse more if your PC has any problems. Even from Hokkaido, Okinawa or islands any place, you leave a PC's package with a nearby delivery service transporter.ROUBLE SOLUSION


pc修理Power supply does not function ?
Even though it was in good condition just a while ago・・・
no power supply does function.
As some probable causes, these are malfunction of switch, CPU or mother board and so on. It may be necessary to change either part.

Is Power supply off without a regular process of "SHUT DOWN" ?
pc修理Sudden power off in use of the PC often occur. It is probably bad condition of the mother board. Furthermore, it is due to the cause of temperature inside the computer having abnormally risen by the cooling fan malfunctioned. We can't negate that it will become a fire as the worst case.
It is necessary to devise setting to put the cooling effect up which the PC do not accumulate heat.

Dull & Abnormal response ?

These are some symptoms like no application software does not work, easy to breakdown.
Probable causes such as small RAM (Random Access Memory), various unnecessary software coexists, computer virus infection, HDD trouble, etc.

Virus or Spyware infection ?
Firstly, we strongly diagnose the virus infection if there shows unwilling web-site always.
Virus infection is, it will bring various obstacles in many aspects of the PC trouble. Data corruption and outflow, or infects virus to friend's PCs as a bad case.
Because there are badness viruses stealing the bank account and the password as the most worst case. To protect PC, we should update anti-virus measure software always to the latest state.pc修理
Of course, we get rid of the viruses from the PC and you can use the PC in peace again.

Abnormality of Optical CD/DVD Drive ?
CD and DVD are so-called expendable supplies. There is nothing any problem at all if these parts are changed. It is work to be over in a short time if the parts are prepared.

Cannot connect to the Internet and the e-mail ?
Broken down of the setting file, those are probably troubles such as the malfunction of the connector, modem or router.

Data lost ?
Address book, various data, photographs, etc were missing from the PC file. Important data have erased from PC file by erroneous handling. It is not the rare mistake but anyone has experience once.
It depends on the level of the obstacle, but most of data can be restored to the original state.
However, in spite of important data, most people give it up because expense is estimated at high price by many repairers.

High Price = High Reliability ?・・・・ We say  NO !
The thought is absolutely mistaken. In case of IIT, prices are obviously cheaper than others, but the pc修理skill is not inferior to other companies.





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